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About us

ARGO's beginnings date back three generations back. Founder – Adam Ciechanowski – was a famous craftsman in the Guild of Craftsmen of Krakow in the twenties. He was ślusarskimi services. His son, Stefan Ciechanowski – next owner of the ARGO – expanded the activities of production. He starts with production scales and the painting tools such as painting troughs, scrapers, putty knifes. Since 1977, the owner of the ARGO company is  Edward Ciechanowski who, after  discern market needs, expanded and changed slightly the production profile. Introduced for the production painting rollers of fur, foam, painting trays, rack, handles of the rollers and other painting and construction accessories and equipment.

ARGO is constantly introducing new technologies, new machinery, new materials – using not only the Polish achievements in this field, but also German and French. ARGO's priority is to continuously improve the quality of production and the possibility of adjusting prices to the customer.

Mark TERMOLINE is the latest line of products that meet the high demands of professionals, who have always been the largest group of recipients of the Company's products ARGO.
Welcome to our website: www.argokrakow.com